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Heartland Writers Guild:   Sponsors of the biennial Heartland Writers Conference, HWG is a not-for-profit multi-genre organization devoted to helping its members market their writing.

Passions in Poetry Poems for the people, by the people. Discover the wonder of self-expression through word and thought and mood.

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Findpoetry.com -- This site is devoted to listing various poetry sites on the web. You can ask them to list your poetry site.


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If you want to publish poetry;
If you are a poetry publisher;
This is the forum for you.

Publish just a single poem or publish all your poems; Currently we don't have any limits. Those using this forum can find your poem and other poems using the search engine of this forum. Poetry publishers can also use the search engine to find poets by name so ensure you use the name you want people to identify you by when creating your web site.