Pieces of Heaven have been given to me
with the slow strides of your juicy lips,
the sweet sensations only your fingers could make
and the overpowering masculinity that enriches my senses.
Delicate shivering as I close my eyes
and rekindle the fire of our last encounter.
A perfect picture, magical moment
repeating with majestic fever
in the depths of my heart ...
I thought about you ...
felt you ... your sensual being so close to me ...
passionate flavors mixing through my veins.
I grew anxious to see you ... to have you
in my arms as a mother cares for her child
and never let go ...
I couldn't wait to nibble on your God forsaken lips
and let you quench the angelic poison
I have to offer,
become my addict ... my dependent
for two celestial bodies warm the nights
with hungry sighs of what may become of us.