Step by step ... I become restless ...
Uneasy fumes impregnate my lungs
and I know not where to hide,
how to breathe, where you are.
A mortifying drought has drenched my soul
with letters and spells I can not pronounce
but invade my cells like poison
for thoughts of you linger beneath my skin.
Dry ... chapped ... stiff ...
the melancholic airs of distrust bathe me
and my lips crave an unforgiven  presence.
Satin touches, silky drops, passionate sighs
have all been lost ...  sundried
with nature's turbulence, life's winding roads,
the future's unpredictable voyages.
Once, my figure danced in oceanic waves,
I was moist from my inner thighs to my heart ...
Now I wilt with the over bearing power
of the desert winds that intoxicate me ...
kidnap me from the holiness I once had
with the soaking bliss we shared between each kiss.
Breathless ... burnt ... evaporated
with tired eyes and decaying pores,
sore lips and smokey skin
I can only remember the day our bodies met.
Bar-b-qued to toast
I crave the moisture of your uniqueness
and the inspiration driven by your humidity.
Dry ... chapped ... stiff
I find myself dehydrated
in the whirlwinds of your memory.