I shall dance for you,
twirling between wild notes of provocative melodies,
dressed with mesh clothes, golden bells and silver ribbons.
I would dance
the steps of complete freedom and bewildering passion;
stepping barefoot on marmol floors, sandy terrain,
even coarse tiles.
I shall dance for you ...
enchanting you with my gracefulness,
possesing your soul with an uncontrollable appetite,
a longtime yearning to share with me
the juicy side effects of Heavenly submission
with exotic positions and movements.
I will dance the forbidden dance
as I captivate your celestial eyes with the swaying of my hips,
the sensual caress of my fingers,
the slow slide of my body dropping for you.
With the twirl of my wrists, the bewitching pace of my short strides,
the intense glaze in my eyes fixed on you,
I shall stir the dance within you
spreading glamorous glitter all around
and chemically igniting the bonfire that shall unite us in spirit;
for we are mere spirits of music
in the wake of the night, blissfully moving at the crack of dawn.
I shall dance before you
with an enticing look only you can provoke,
with tasteful strides I shall intoxicate you
as we waltz to the rushing leaves, the ocean waves,
the moon's heartbeat, the sun's rays.
I shall dance circling around you with scratches of sinful delight
and for the day the earth swallows you and seals your grave,
my soul shall lift you from solitary confinement
and spiritually dance to nature's song,
to romance not yet discovered.
I shall dance for you ...
breathlessly ...
and ease the turbulent confussion battling in your mind
until drawing you to join me in the dance of completeness,
fantastical reality, dreamy existance.
I shall dance the melodies of your heart
and the drumming of your eyes.
I shall dance the dance of life,
I shall dance and make you mine.