There he sat ... in the dark corners
of his pain ...
lifeless ... with internal turbulance.
He breathed with discomfort,
looking at his empty hands,
and fell asleep with the soulful cries
that burdened him.
Covered with light
she entered through the doors of torment.
A goddess in disguise ...
She gracefully danced around,
recited marvelous poetry from Greek times
and dressed him with satin cloths
from the Heavens above.
She bathed him with holy waters
and kissed his sundried skin with unknown passion,
a mystery that blushed his heart
and brought life again.
She accompanied him through rough nights,
covered him with gems
and caressed every aching memory of his past.
A smile shone upon his face
and curled into her wings of contentment.
The hollowness inside had crumbled
and she took him on a voyage of everlasting pleasure ...
fulfillment ... into the gates of eternity ...
passed the realms of reality.
He ... a soldier wounded at war ...
She ... his guardian angel.