Let me be whoever I am,
let me fly to the highest mountains and scream your name.
Let me be violent when no one listens,
I need to call someone's attention.
I want to swim the seven seas
and reach the shores of success,
walk the world five times
and feel the earth burning my feet.
I wish to prance in pools of progress
and maybe even laugh my disillusions away.
Disappointments, mistakes and failure shall come,
let me build sand castles with their grains.
Let me drink the poisonous pleasures that tempt us all
and explore the dangers of life.
No blindfolds and no chains.
I may shine after the strenuous race that dares me,
might exhaust myself by fighting the virtues bestowed upon me
or the hell that follows.
Let me cry, scream and burst into excitement.
Let me be a woman who cares about tomorrow by living today.
Let me be who I am and care to be,
just let me     be me.