During my years of childhood,
I played in silky, white sands,
swam naive waters
and laid under the boiling sun.
Hours were seconds
as I laughed profusely
at the seagull's charming melodies.
I ran freely among the crashing waves
ignoring those who called me.
Now ...
I find myself hiding,
describing worries, explaining demented thoughts
and frustrating feelings on paper.
I lay in the shade,
under bleeding leaves
and destructive mosquitoes.
The salty waters recognize me
for my past is trapped in a full grown, womanly body.
But their eyes still stalk me.
I have bewitched those who love me,
unwillingly casted a mysterious spell of devotion
on the soldiers who guard my household!
My lungs do not breathe,
(a quiet, still heart)
as I wish to leave the shores
and swim to the currents of depth,
dive in underrated whirlpools
and detox my mental strength
by discovering a deserted island,
a piece of work,
my place on this Earth.