Rid yourself from my thoughts!
Remove yourself from my sorrow
for when my surroundings preach your name
resentment shall spatter from my eyes
and I shall tear you into pieces
with the morbid acid you left in me.
Run from my dreams,
erase yourself from my soul
for what was once love is now disgust.
Destiny shall make you pay
for the malicious games you play,
you shall suffer more than I have
due to the ironic twirls of life
and I will sneer ...
with a loud and hearty laugh ...
with joyous tears rolling down my face.
When you leave me alone in peace ...
finally I'll be free!
As death appears, I'll bless your grave
and with the filth of my fingers,
the open wounds of my skin,
I'll burry you ...
under the ashes of pitiful memories.
And if one day we were to find each other again
due to destiny's mischievousness,
I shall be dancing enthusiastically in Heaven
and you boiling in puddles of envy in Hell.