Listen to me you bastards!!!
What I have to say is as precious
as your Higher Being’s words
or your hidden, inner selves wish to express.
I hurt, I cry, I scream,
I have been tortured
yet the world wishes to help me not
for your smiles, mocking faces and pitiful views
confine me to the wretched umbilical chord
that frees me not to live
or sense what boils inside.
I laugh at you
and those around us all
for  no one knows
what I truly go through
and why I sigh or wish not to smile.
The hell with you
and your idiotic predictions,
lame excuses and pathetic idealizations!!
who I wish to be
even if pain, hurt, confusion and blasphemy
might be the consequence of setting myself free.
I care not to spare the feelings
you never spared in the first place
and from the very beginning  you molded me
to be a princess covered with ice
and numb from underlined life,
yet I am a woman,
a human being who laughs at your regrets,
your sorrows and wishes ...
to live what you never had to offer.