Hello ...    Remember me?
I was the one who used to shelter you in my arms
and bathed you with kisses.
The one who opened the doors to her heart
only to end up closing them again.
The one who cared for you while you slept,
invaded your dreams and enriched your awakenings
by becoming the sun of your warm mornings.
I was the one who squeezed the juice from your skin,
bit the pleasures from your lips and collected your sighs.
You penetrated your haunting eyes inflicted by desire
and caressed my body in heat
(you undressed me with your pupils).
Now, you look at me absently ... as if I were a stranger.
Did you erase me from your past?
I was the falling star of hope in your life,
the satin petals of your painful crown of thorns.
The one who enlightened your path to follow your steps
even after death.
The same one you neglected, leaving her in a wasteland.
The way you accomplished losing your memory ...
burning remembrance of shared times in the bonfire of the forgotten.
Could it be self-inflicted amnesia?
I was a part of your togetherness,
the calm after the dangerous storms of your journeys,
the one who multiplied your smiles
by drying rivers of loneliness and misfortune.
The one who accelerated your slow pulse
every time I approximated you and swayed my hips as I walked away.
I was your dream fulfilling goddess that granted your every wish.
The woman who swallowed broken tears as you disappeared,
the only one who delivered a pink rose,
colored with tenderness for your good-bye.
And with your ungratefulness pounding my chest,
I ask you one more time,
do you remember me now?