How I wish to soar the skies
and leave your mouthful tortures behind.
I wish to feel the wind seduce my senses
and become clean from all torment.
Could I crash into a cloud
and bruise my own thoughts and guilt
I would heal the broken wounds
and mend the gap that still exists.
I would see you
and wave good-bye
with a smile so powerful
it stuns the human eye.
In the air I would be free, without restraints.
Gravity would be my only victim,
a witness of pure contentment,
rebellion and peace.
Could the giant fireball burn
the coarse frigidity centered in myself
and melt the ties that bind us to fear
of exploration and risks.
"Carpe Diem!" I would scream
as I dive into valleys, abysses and canyons.
I would rise above the puppet master's strings
and float into the light
of the undiscovered mystery that enchants us.
But I proceed to ascend the heights of temptation,
the taking-off of an opressed soul,
the uncommon voyage of levitating
with the thrill of leaving
your engrossment in the wasteland behind.