Days and nights have gone by
where I lay by your side,
bewildering fantasies and precious moments
have been shared between touches,
gentle whispers and tender kisses
have united us in plateaus of bliss.
Many moons have shown,
many suns have dissipated,
time has been spent in our circle of togetherness.
Yet my heart beats not faster,
my skin blushes not.
Could I dwell upon a thought of you?
Maybe once every few weeks.
But we share our secrets under cotton sheets
and perspiring moments set ashore,
yet I sigh not in your name,
a tear may I shed for the uncontrolable
numbness invading my epidermis,
but not a single drop has escaped my senses for you.
I shan't fight the mysteries of the heart,
perhaps I dare the warriors of fate.
Committed to an illusion, for I devote myself not,
but cannot resist your immortal touch,
your sanctifying figure pressing against mine.