Worthless minds roam around the world,
meaningless works of art float around,
thoughts preserved on paper
scribbled with indifference,
persistance to become who they are not.
A masterpiece of bull shit,
drugged by peer pressure or insignificance,
by unfulfilled desires of writers
who serve no purpose.
"Modern art",
a skill many exclaim to project,
as eight year olds may paint wonders
with words entangled in innocence,
yet silence would be more motivating from your lips.
Ideas caught in whirlwinds of illusions,
blasphemic acts against the great composers,
the true writers before our time,
wonders of our past.
Betray not the young minds who wish to express themselves
in the most accurate form of gaining immortality,
restrain yourself from doodling thoughts without essance,
and hold your meaningless offers behind the gates of the Wasteland.
Venture not hiddeous remarks,
troublesome ideas, dishonest reflections
and question your own calling,
for the pleasures of images and verses
are gifts instilled to preachers of life,
they are weapons for those who accept the vocation
to hurt and sigh through their souls.
Sigh not through logic,
but from the unrequited seas of passion.
I challenge your silence.