I shall slay you with the grotesque venom
you inflicted down my throbbing throat
as I develop a slimy,
distasteful blob of hatred
and let it grow around my insides
as I offer you a mindnumbing silence.
With your trecherous lies
and humming insanity
I will bathe you with vomit,
(the disgusting feeling your name
provokes in my stomach)
and I will whip you
with the mace of my delinquent eyes,
and as I tear you into pieces
in memory of your egocentricity,
I learn to seek revenge,
to stand up for the icons of my gender.
Piece by piece,
you will burn in the acidic juices
of my stomach
for I resent your past,
your every breath and every touch,
and I shall smile
as I free myself from your tormenting songs
and become a soldier of freedom
worthy and wise.