Inspired by Debbi Gibson's words: Could have been is better than what could never be at all.

For hours I have dwelled on yesterdays
passionate moments that haunt me,
addicted me to your  perseverance.
At times I drink for two
and rekindle the magical flutters your lips could make.
Many nights have flown by
and I blamed the full moon for disappearing
and longed for the sun to reappear in another century.
By the break of dawn your farewell dove into my center
creating a whirlpool of undeliverable tears.
For hours prayers rumbled the bridges of imagination,
oracles of reality
for you were still not here.
Deceitful dreams, unpleasurable sins
had famished the fevers of survival
for I still yearned for your promises to succeed.
Minutes escape throughout my days
as my mind wanders off to precious cyclones linked to your touches,
your thirst-quenching lips,
yet the fortune of our misfortune broke the seal of insecurities,
emotional wars between two star-crossed lovers
whose journey together lost its pace
yet still my memory forbids to forget
the wondrous pleasures and the undying curiosity
of the other road we did not step,
the last musical note we did not dance