The moon began to fall and the blankets of darkness
covered you.
You looked around ... you were alone.
Through the deep, dense forests you searched
for that lost company you once had.
Around tall trees and under gigantic rocks,
nothing was found.
You hid in Indian caves and swam the seven seas
until you reached shore, where no one was there to greet you.
Struggling with violent storms and hideous tornados,
you explored the lost worlds behind waterfalls
and under the sands of the Sahara desert.
Your eyes observed every corner on the face of this earth
and no luck had been encountered.
Even behind the cemetary gates!!
Digging hopelessly the graves burried in your heart,
every trace of them was gone.
Nowhere left to continue your long search for company.
So you screamed!
Screamed to the Heavens above and to all humanity.
No one listened.
As you fell on your knees overflown by anxiety
after searching twenty nights and thrity days,
finally you turned around and saw me.
I had been with you all the way.