Could I start my life again
I would not change a thing
for it has been full
with failure, success, disappointments and treats.
Perhaps more time to myself
I would find
and cherish the silence my soul sings,
listen to crickets, advice the stars shriek.
(foreshadowing destiny)
To learn about my hidden selves,
indulge in insecurity, the walls of fear,
the bridges of freedom
and use the letters that attach me to farsity,
yet open the windows to production.
Could my life begin today,
I would wake each morning
believing there is no end
and living for no years to come.
Could a new begining rekindle my soul
I would learn to use two mysterious letters
without guilt or everlasting remorse.
Should I begin living today once again
I would learn to say the most difficult thing in the world ...

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