Impatience shrivels the body of young minds,
procrastination drills the hopes of the blind,
shields are built against turbulent weather,
so high, the sunsets are disclosed.
Walls increase a million feet tall...
He who drills arrest their lives to persevere
for neither the carpinter of the largest mansion,
the bishop of all religions,
nor the artist of the great Cathedrals
can ruin what has been created.
Only the inventor of such a myth
can replenish the sickening division
of life and death
real and sur-real
truth from deceit.
All may try to destroy  the Berlin walls of our inmobile spirits
yet success will not bless the warrior of pain
but exhaust his courage and strength.
Instead ride over the barriers that confront us all
with a massive army called T.R.U.S.T.
and jump the brick fort of solace
to see not the sunset
but the sunrise.

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