Seeking approval of all my endeavors,
I reached for my father's hand,
but his fingers slipped along the path.
I asked my mother for precious words...
Only a loud, deafening voice invaded my ears.

An explorer of my own world,
my journey left the rooms of my home.

Many lips kissed my skin but never once
had they touched my soul.
The quest for encouragement prolonged
as I entered the holy lands of faith.
Inquiries were prayed to the Almight God
but silence was threatening.

For years and years, I searched high and low
among beach shores, emerald rivers,
diving in the depths of the horizon
but all I saw was the sun hiding from me.
In a young child's eyes I hope to find redemption...
Too much to handle for a young one's heart!

To risk my life in everlasting trial,
"could my efforts be worth it not to me only
but humankind?"
still remain unresolved
as I sleep in a stranger's arm tonight
and tomorrow long for the sweet conformation of my strenuous tasks,
a meaningful praise not too hard to hand,
a poetic phrase I have not had.

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