I plea... to rob you from your senses.
As the sun hides,
I turn into the godess you always dreampt of,
the tigress in secrecy
waiting for the cages to set her free.
Explorers of tranquil sheets,
we bathe in holy perspiration.
The fumes of our sensual aroma entices innocent souls
for miles and miles.
A sweet collision of two bulging bodies
dancing the exotic notes of our high fevers.
Vapors empower us to uninhibate ourselves
for the golden gates of our togetherness shall overflow.
Your lucious lips accentuate my desire
as my fingers slide down your spine.
Our skin curls as my curves entrap you to my waiste.
Your deep breaths intoxicate the depths of my passion
and inspires me to slowly trace my presence down your chest,
your abdomen, between your legs
as I nibble every inch of your skin.
The sighs...the moans!!!
Juicy temptaion of committing the most pleasurable sin!
My locks of hair thrust against your masculinity
as you pin me to the indecent lands of stardom.
Your hands skillfully trace down my hips,
my thighs, my velvety walls
as I let the bridges of our cravings set us free.
The heat envelopes us,
steam is our witness through the night
as you make way through the sacred world of overpowering need.
As our groans intensify
I feel your throbbing muscle intoxicate my insides.
Crashing glides, back and forth...
forth and back...
desperation leads us to depths never before imagined...
I scream as you feel the twitching of my illicit corners,
you melt within me as a cascade of bewildering ecstacy
showers the overwhelming greatness stored under cotton cloths.
Holding tightly to each other...praying for no end
as our last intense shriek builds a tingling sensation,
an orgasmic tornado sucking us in...taking us with its wind
forgetting who we were, who we could have been.
A night of exotic stimulation, of royal submission,
one night I plea
to let the endeavors of excruciating withdrawals be set free,

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