It went by so fast, so real,
stirring up emotions I never knew I had.
How can I make them disappear?
They haunt me every time...
misguiding and foreshadowing...
I have been spoken to,
enlightened with twists of fate.
I know what tomorrow brings,
the week's plans I have already seen
and yet a sense of powerlessness invades my energy
leading me to rash conclusions and turbulent rest.
leaving me lonely at times...
having to explain the inexplicable.
Your tears, his sighs, her laughs
I've already seen, last night, as I closed my eyes.
It follows me now,
a warning of some sort,
who might end up breathless and vanished from earth.
The image is still installed in my cells
for I saw the next one in line,
last night, beneath my lids,
A tear devoured your name
as I found you in my dreams again.

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