One starless, lonely night
we met
under the influence of riped grapes,
toxic substances and lust full airs.
caught in the web of his desire,
entangled in blissful words,
tender moves and silent kisses.
Distorted views,
chemical reactions,

The sweat of work bathed him,
kindness at heart healed him,
hospitality rested him at night,
guilt fed him,
exhausted energy kept him alive.
At the expense of sanity,
independence, myself
I offered the gift of survival
with noghting to gain,
all was lost.

Tears, sighs, rage
increase by the hour
for I have become a wife,
a mother, a child
to a man who had it all
yet asked for more each day
as I lay

I wish to float away
into new dimensions yet discovered
for too much have I given
and lost my sense of being,
my path, my soul,
my passion has shriveled
by the man who promised it all
but made me work for his pleasure,
under pressure,
a crippled lover blinded by distrust...
the stranger I carry beneath my pleasant smile.

Ungrateful bastard who deserved nothing
stole my life, my pride, my strength.
Fear of loosing perhaps.
Without escape,I struggle
to cut his web of determination,control
and set myself free
to see the world anew before me,
to smile without a tear,
to laugh cold heartedly
and shriek in awe.
You posess me no longer!

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