You are the missing link to my completeness.
I've misjudged so many others,
they were all rocks and stones,
groovey passages I've tripped on.
So many bruises ... so many wounds
yet the desire to keep strolling never faded,
I knew I'd find you somehow along the way.
You hold the pebbles needed to build the castle
that would heal my hollowness,
the stepping stone to inner peace and success.
Like the ocean, you swept me away in your tide of perfection,
bathed me with feelings I never knew existed.
You are my ocean ... and I?
I would be the sand,
waiting for your waves to crash into me.
With open arms, I welcome you
and once you leave, pieces of me shall still linger
in your heart, your soul, your being.
Everytime we connect,
the pebbles will multiply until together we create
what everyone awaits to recieve,
our own mystical world with sensual clouds,
warm breezes and refreshing melodies whispering in our ears,
celebrating our triumph of becoming one ... finally.
You are the missing link I never thought I missed,
and now that the road has brought you to me,
I smile and sigh
at the practical joke destiny has played on us.
Perhaps the world is not ready to see
such extreme devotion, overflowing sweetness
and the unique pact our bodies could have.
But I still smile, for I know what may come ...
if not in this world, at least in my dreams,
because I see you all the time
and my heart yearns for you,
my lips crave your taste,
my body breathes for your closeness.
As many souls I tried to touch,
you are the one who touched my life ...
as secret as it may be,
I shall let the world know
I found the man for me,
with my own choice of words
for you are the missing link to my serenity,
the missing link to my soul.

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