On the brightest summer's day
the sun's rays burned my heart
and you were there ...
Through sunflowers and dandelions
you chased me
and in the yellow rose bush
you caught me.
With your silky touch you undressed my soul
and worked your way in
the prohibited cave of my innosence.
You broke open the doors of purity
and penetrated your existance upon me
leaving me hollow and weak.
You stole my uniqueness,
the only jem untouched by evil,
then you laid me on dead leaves.
As the yellow rose petals glided down my pores,
you left me entangled in an ocean of dreadful thorns
eternally scarring me senseless.
Yellow turns to brown
as you stained me with desire,
ripping me from sanity.
Your fingers tarnished my sunbathed skin
as your masculinity showered my insides.
Now, you leave with sunflowers in your hands
smiling with drops of yellow on your lips
(the dirty residue of your selfishness).

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