My heart stops the second I hear your name,
My breath flickers the moment I see you pass.
Blood rushes through my veins,
crashing beneath my brain
as I feel faint when your masculine figure
approaches me.
Dizzyness overcomes my stability
as your voice promotes peace.
Explosions throughout my neural system are intrigued
by your delicate touch, your rough manner,
and exquisite taste inside you.
My mind centered, focused on the pleasurful hell
you inflict upon me
and images of you collide throughout tormentous,
lonely nights and bright long days.
The temptation to have you flutters around my skin,
and the immortal craving, blinding desire
to feel you once again erupts beneath the hot,
sizzling lava burning me to sleep,
sprinkling ashes of lust,
traces of the extreme urge to loose myself
within you.


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