With sunburned stones and coarse corals
I struggle to wash away
the residue of your kisses from my lips.
My ears deafen
to the silver words of the enchanting songs
you once told me;
the sour notes and dry promises
that once caught my soul!
I gather every thought of you, every dream,
every highlight of the past
and burry them
in the infertile soils of my hidden graveyard.
Every heartbeat decays into the land of dead lovers!!
My skin sinks in an ocean of acid water
where each wave pollutes my veins
and scrubs off every tender touch.
I bathe in the streams of your intoxicated blood
and erase the scars you had so skillfully inflicted upon me.
I sweep from the floors all the ashes left behind
from the passionate bonfire that once burned inside me.
I close my eyes into deep thought
as I crush your heart in a blender of wicked thorns.
With a revengeful blade sharpened by betrayal,
I slash every speck of unity
and dismantle the ruins of our bondage.
With each torrential wind
pieces of you fly away into the dark worlds of amnesia.
Covered with white, sterile sheets
I begin to taste the juicy sweetness that tomorrow shall bring.
I surrender myself to peaceful sleep in the threshold of the night
as I tingle with the excitement
of decomposing traces of sarcastic pleasure
and footprints of your existance.
Your shadow follows me no longer!!!

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