Could I stop time with a breath
I'd hault the seconds the moment our lips met.
Could I be blessed with the powers to freeze age,
I would forever remain young as we connect with each kiss.
Perhaps the natural forces could be set to hault
as the planet ceased to twirl, the sunset eternally paused
as we steel each other's breath away,
and begin to float honoring the disappearance of gravity... reality.
As your fingers entangled between each strand of hair
years of tenderness would follow without an hourly alarm.
Decades....perhaps centuries would slip by
without a trace  or threat
for tomorrow serves no purpose, the past never existed;
for right now we are here, collecting sighs and warmth
from our thristy lives
and as I sense the shivering tornadoes with every touch
I wish to discard time to indulge and never end
the moment I was lost in your embrace...
the historical event when our lips met...
giving birth to our first kiss.


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