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Site Description

      Free poetry sites for poets that want to publish their poetry on the web

Site Features
  • Filtering technology to screen inappropriate content.
  • Poets can add, modify, and delete their content using templates.  No programming skills required.
Unique Advertising Opportunity
  • Narrow interest group; mostly women.
  • Support for all ad sizes and positions.
Site Statistics
  • Monthly ad  impressions: 375,000
  • Unique monthly visitors: 40,000
  • Average visit length: 1.55 minutes
Poet Profiles (estimations)
  • Ages: 13-85 years old
  • Gender: 75% female
  • Marital Status: 50% married
  • Average Home Income: $50,000+
  • Children in Home: 50%
  • Popular Time Periods the Site is Used (least used  to most used):  9AM-11AM; 1PM-4PM; 7PM-11PM.
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Rate Card  (Non Targeted)
  • 640X480  $40 CPM
  • 243X60    $20 CPM
  • 160X600  $70 CPM
  • 120X600  $50 CPM
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